West Field Films has, since the beginning, been a production house for narrative work including features, short films and documentary. Our multi-award winning family of filmmakers continues to create beautiful movies because it is what drives them, and West Field FIlms is here to push that drive into action.


Taking the individual spirit of businesses and capturing it on film so consumers can and will discover it. Our "Trade Films" are personal, heart-felt, and individual pieces — guaranteed to say exactly what you’ve always wanted to say about your company. With a full range of full crew production levels, videography, and media services available, the possibilities are endless. 


Now in over 25 countries WFSA is an International Screenwriting Competition created for screenwriters at any level in their careers, judged solely on the content between the title page and the last. A panel of professional award winning screenwriters, cinema scholars and movie lovers the WFSA take an all angles approach to discovering great scripts.